Work test exemption for low balance retirees
An exemption from the work test will apply to voluntary superannuation contributions in the first income year after retirement from 1 July 2019. This means that an individual who is over 65 years of age would be able to make voluntary contributions for one more year after they stop working.

However, for an individual to utilise the work test exemption, their Total superannuation balance must be less than $300,000. Originally, the work test exemption would not be allowed to start a "bring forward" three-year contribution. However, the 2018/19 MYEFO announcement stated it would be allowed for Year 1.

Other new super legislation can work in collaboration with this measure, creating additional areas to obtain a tax saving.

Source: Exposure Draft; MYEFO 20-18/19 p. 130; Budget paper No. 2, p 30